PlayStation Finally Launched in the Philippines. The iPad can’t be far behind.

Last March 27, 2010, Sony finally held it’s first PlayStation event in the Philippines. That’s a whopping TEN years after the PS2 was first launched in Japan. Finally, Sony realized that the Filipino is a market for their gaming consoles.

What?! Nobody told them?! I’m guessing they just ignored us until recession hit the global market. Now they need every sale they can possibly get.

Stay tuned ten years from now for the Philippine launch of the iPad on April 3, 2020. Rumors have it that the iTunes music store will finally launch in the Philippines around six months later but only with limited selections of Silvia La Torre’s albums (and they will be full Album purchases only) Prospective buyers will only be allowed to puchase after a direct cash deposit to Apples’ bank account in California and after showing proof of ownership of original CD or LP of the album you wish to purchase. This is to ensure that us Filipino buyers won’t pirate the music we purchase.

This policy will be deemed reasonable by foreign companies (read Music Labels, Sony is one of them) because:
1. Americans never pirate music or software only third world citizens do that. And Americans never use limewire.
2. Pirates can only get their music from iTunes. That’s because it’s easier for pirates to PAY for music on iTunes than to get it for FREE on limewire. Therefore, no iTunes = no piracy in the Philippines.
3. There are no legitimate buyers on iTunes from the Philippines. If they are willing to pay, they must be pirates (see reason no. 2 above)
4. It is impossible to rip music from CD’s. That’s why the Music Labels abroad allow CD’s to be sold locally
5. Only Americans want individual songs. The Filipino will whole heartedly pay for the whole album.
6. No Filipino uses iPods/mp3 players. They all listen to music on Sony DiscMans.
7. Music Labels make more money by disallowing iTunes in the Philippines becuse it is easier to convince users of pirated music to go legit by making them pay for the full CD(php500) rather than one dollar(php50) per track.