Filipinos are not allowed to buy their own national anthem

On a whim, I scanned’s mp3 list for the word Philippines. One of the results returned was the Philippine National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang”. Feeling patriotic, I decided to purchase it since it may come in handy when we hold programs in school.

Guess what? People who live in the Philippines are not allowed to buy their own national anthem. -duh- go figure. Why is this so? Can the recording industry explain to me why we cannot buy our own national anthem, sung by out national treasures Ruben Tagalog and Sylvia LaTorre?

The iPad Has Landed!

The iPad has landed. Well at least in our house. Although it took more than three weeks (close to four actually), I can now dispose of my paper iPad facsimile. I am blogging from the iPad as we speak. I’ll get to the reviews as soon as I have tamed this electronic beast and get it domesticated to the way I work.

See you all around!