Same SC justice plagiarized in a different ruling. -groan-

Siguro naman hindi na to “isolated incident” di ba? Or maybe lahat ng
ruling niya kinopya lang ng staff niya, at hindi talaga galling sa
kana. Sino ba talaga ang ponente at ang humahatol sa mga kaso niya?…

US constitutionalist: SC risking reputation in punishing UP law professors Breaking News

A noted American constitutionalist and Yale University School of Law professor has warned that the Supreme Court is risking its reputation before the international community if it insists on disciplining faculty members of the University of the Philippines College of Law

How can we ask our children to be honest when our leaders, particularly the very ones who were supposed to judge us and determine right from wrong cannot even do the right thing? Is Up and Running!

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On the MMDA’s Odd Even Scheme

The MMDA is planning on reimplementing the odd-even scheme again on EDSA. This is supposedly to ease traffic along the nation’s most congested road. Unfortunately, like so many things the government does, it is palliative and does not solve the real problem at hand.

When people complain about traffic, it is because the travel time and experience of getting from point A to point B is excruciatingly bad. The government’s so called solution would be to ELIMINATE the travel completely for half of the people. That’s like saying “Let us kill all the poor people to eliminate poverty.”

The real problem with traffic on EDSA is discipline. And the biggest group of undisciplined drivers? BUS DRIVERS. Every traffic choke point is a bus stop area (Guadalupe, Cubao, etc.). The problem is made worse by the fact that the government, which has been hell bent on collecting franchise fees from every Tom, Dick and Harry, has allowed too many buses on EDSA. NOW, after collecting those franchise fees, they are going to tell the operators that they can only travel 4 out of 7 days on EDSA. Should the franchise holders be given a refund?

Moreover, since buses are the biggest cause of traffic on EDSA, it would seem logical to include them in the currently employed number coding scheme, right? NO! the Philippine Government actually exempts the biggest cause of traffic on EDSA from number coding! WHY? The MMDA said that since there are more private cars than there are buses on EDSA, reducing the amount of private vehicles will lessen traffic. But these private cars are on the road on average for about an HOUR. The buses are on the road for a minimum of 8 hours. The length of a bus is on average three car lengths. That is a “presence” ratio of 24:1. Just because there are more private vehicles does not mean they are causing traffic (specially if they are parked near the office most of the day). So who’s causing traffic on EDSA? Removing a bus on EDSA is equivalent to removing 24 private vehicles.

Perhaps a number coding scheme on buses is in order before the odd even scheme be implemented on everyone else. Of course there will always be the pro poor argument of “kawawa naman ang mga bus drivers”. So ano? Pag mahirap pwede nang mag nakaw? Pag Mahirap pwede nang mamerwisyo? Pag mahirap lahat payagan kahit na hindi naman ito makatutulong sa kanilang pagunlad sa buhay? Ihiwalay natin ang awa sa usapan ng traffic. Dahil sa traffic lahat naghihirap, maykaya man o wala