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The bus operators’ excuse

According to this article:…

Metro Manila’s buses did not go on strike. The drivers did not have
cell phones or were low batt. They were not informed that there was no

Since when has the average Filipino been without a cell phone?! And
what kind of phenomena do you call simultaneous mass low batt?!

Oh yeah, this must be the same phenomenon that happens every time a
bus gets involved in an accident and it always mysteriously “lost its
ability to brake”. ALWAYS. Palaging nawawalan Ng preno. You’d think
buses did not come with brakes in the Philippines.

No wonder the drivers always give excuses, their bosses do the same
thing. Hoy, Claire dela Fuente, sino ang niloloko mo?!

If most drivers don’t have cellphones, why do they complain when the
government wants to impose a 50 centavo tax on text messaging?

If you have the gall to go on strike, the least you could do is own up
to it. Secondly, the public you have inconvenienced deserves a better
explanation than the lies you just spewed on national TV. Inagrabyado
mo na nga kami, ininsulto mo pa ang aming kakayahang magisip.

Ang lakas ng loob ninyo mag-strike, DUWAG NAMAN PALA KAYO!!!

Subukan ninyo ulit sa wednesday! Babahag ang mga buntot ninyo. Susunod
din naman pala kayo sa color coding eh. Ano ngayon ang naidulot ng mga
ginawa ninyo ngayong araw? WALA!!! You just cost metro manilans
millions in lost productivity.

Today’s mass action by the bus companies was totally pointless.

The Law Applies to All, or None at All!

Bus Companies have declared a holiday because they do not like being subjected to a number coding scheme.

Well, here's news for you Bus Owners and Operators: WE HAVE BEEN ENDURING THIS NUMBERING SCHEME FOR AGES!!!

Why do you deserve to be exempted when in truth and in fact YOU are the cause of traffic on EDSA? Don't tell me that you do a public service, because by declaring a holiday, you are serving only your selfish interests and not the public's. I call on the LTFRB to suspend the franchises of all erring bus lines, pending investigation. And when they are found to have broken the public trust that their licenses have bestowed on them, revoke those licenses.

The good of the majority outweighs the good of the few. When the public interest is held hostage, the government must act and it must act decisively to make an example of these abusive and arrogant bus owners and operators (Yes, I'm talking to you Claire dela Fuente (a.k.a. Lim Shiu Hwa), do you think Phil. Cutural High School will approve of what you are doing? Explain that to the poor teachers you have stranded).

To the Government: I congratulate you for having the political will to do what is right. Do not waver in the face of adversity. Kung ang ating butihing Pangulo na may karapatang mag wangwang ay ipina-isantabi ang kanyang pribilehiyo, sino ba itong mga BUS OPERATORS na ito at akala nilang sila ay angat sa sambayanang Pilipino.


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