MGC Cantata 2010

The iPad has landed! (Finally!)

The iPad was silently launched in the Philippines last Friday,
December 17, 2010. It’s very unusual for Apple to launch in a country
without a press release.

Still. It’s a good sign that we get to buy the iPad and it’s
accessories without paying an arm and a leg (yes, I’m talking about
you InfoMaxx!) The VGA cable in the gray market was P5,000. Actual
price? P1,300+. The official apple ipad case which costs P2,000 was
being sold before for as high as P5,000. I suspect that prices in the
gray market will drop like flies really fast.

I’m still waiting for discounts, but if you can’t wait, feel free to
drop by the dealers (like iStudio or Powermac) or go to:

Monitor my posts for pricing details if you can wait. 😉