SC Officially Blames MS Word for Plagiarism

According to this article from GMA News:

On October 12, 2010, the SC cleared Del Castillo of plagiarism saying he acted in good faith and blamed instead the Microsoft Word program. “As it happened, the Microsoft word program does not have a function that raises an alarm when original materials are cut up or pruned," the Supreme Court said.

What next?! Blame a food processor manufacturer for cutting off your fingers because blenders don't have a feature that warns you when you put your hand in it while it's on? How about knives that don't have a warning feature when it's about to cut someone?

Seriously though, by it's nature, a word processor is supposed to edit documents. Do you honestly expect MS Word to add a feature to warn you that it is doing it's job?

Defense lawyer: Illnesses, not bullets, killed some massacre victims

I know lawyers are just doing their jobs, but is this right? Tama pa ba ang excuse na "I'm just doing my job" kung ganito na ang mga sinasabi mo? what do you say my friends? Comment away…

Not All Cops are Bad…

Click on this article:

Recent events involving rogue policemen might have shaken our confidence in the Phil. National Police, but incidents like these (involving Senior Inspector Renato Apolinario) serve to show that not all the apples are rotten. I feel safer knowing that there are policemen who can and will go beyond the call of duty to protect the ordinary citizens of the republic.

Mabuhay kayo, Senior Inspector Renato Apolinario!  May your tribe increase!