Apple’s Succession Plan

A lot of people have been fearfully looking to the day when Apple Founder Steve Jobs eventually leaves the company for good. Questions about succession abound. A group of investors even tried to get the stockholders to force Apple into disclosing its succession plan.

You know what? If Apple mentions any name as a potential successor to Steve Jobs, Apple's stocks will drop. The truth is, no one can be another Steve Jobs. If we are lucky, we might see a new and better Steve Jobs like leader (either from Apple or another company) within the same lifetime. Chances are, we wont. What are the chances of seeing Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs alive in the same era?

So how will Apple cope? In the Apple way of course! By defying conventional wisdom. Most companies have a succession plan because what their CEO's do can be delegated. This system has been in place since ancient history. Kings have been succeeded by their heirs, sometimes with disastrous results (why is it still called a "succession"?). No wonder a lot of previously great companies are now floundering. We have been following a formula that desperately needs an overhaul.

Since Steve Jobs cannot be duplicated, what's the point of even trying to find someone who can do what he does. It's pointless. So do it another way. Hence the following article, which I believe is the true succession plan of Apple.

Steve Jobs Believes Apple Will OK Without Him

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Modern Day Gladiators

I know there are a lot of Manny Pacquiao fans out there. And even more
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