It’s official: Chris Lao has been informed that he passed the Bar

An Ateneo Law School graduate may have emerged first in the 2011 Bar exam, but the victory is perhaps sweeter for University of the Philippines student Christopher Lao.


New: LEGO(R) Hero Factory (Games)

LEGO® Hero Factory 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


The Hero Factory: a beacon of strength and security throughout the universe. It stands fortress-like in the centre of Makuhero City, impenetrable and incorruptible – until now!A hideous collection of villains and monsters have broken out of a high security prison contained within and have fled to all corners of the galaxy.As the Heroes battle to capture the villains, it soon becomes apparent that the breakout is merely a way to distract the Heroes from the actions of the evil Black Phantom. He has stayed behind to destroy the Assembly Tower and has triggered an automatic shutdown of our core systems.Zib has been immobilized and contact with many of the Heroes has been cut off. They are stranded in hostile territory!You must help Rocka use all of his training and expertise to complete his mission and reach the security panel in the Control Room. Take Hero Factory out of lock down and let’s get our people home!During combat, keep an eye out for weapon upgrades and collectables to boost your firepower and gain access to secret areas. Keep collecting and you could be rewarded with achievement codes for use in the full game at Good luck – we are all relying on you…

LEGO® Hero Factory

Price Drop: Age of Pinballs (Games)

Age of Pinballs 2.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.2 (iTunes)


Our app is free for a month and the income of In-Apps during this time will be offered to our deceased co-worker's family.AFTER AN UPDATE FEEL FREE TO TAP ON THE BUY ICON OF YOUR PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED IN-APP(S) THE MONEY WILL NOT BE CHARGED AGAIN!Pinball era of 80's has been ended with 7 different pinball tables (Theme Park, Angry River, Spaceman, Caveman, Wizard, Zombie Invasion and Cleopatra).A new pinball era is coming with newer pinball tables from 90's. This new era brings a new name, AGE OF PINBALLS and such features as ramps, combos, holes and multipliers for example.★REVIEW★Overall, this is just as awesome as the developer’s previous release, Ball Towers HD, but it is much easier to play. It is pinball at its finest. The graphics are stunning and the action is highly responsive. There are five different types of games, so if you are a fan of pinball, this app will leave you drooling for more.- ★FEATURES★- 8 different camera views- Real-life physics with 3D movement and collision calculation- Highly detailed 3D graphics- 100% compatibility with iOS 5- OpenFeint and Game Center support (Note: Game Center isn't supported by the tables which have been released after Wizard since they allow to create 25 leaderboards in all)- Retina Display support on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S- Special effects (glass and shadow)- 5 challenging game modes (Classic Pinball, Hardcore Pinball, Running Ball, Checkpoint Mode, Target Shooting)- Various in-apps (Flipper Pack, Ball Pack, Blocking Gate, Retro SFX and Used Table for 80's and Drain Blocker and 5 Balls for 90's)★TOP RANKS★TOP 1 – France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Italia, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Hong Hong, Hungary, Slovakia, Macau, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Nederland, Portugal, Switzerland, Latvia and Malta.TOP 10 – United States, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Taiwan, Greece, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.★HISTORY★First release v1.0 – Theme Park Pinball at July 1st of 2011Update v1.1 – the first free table, Angry River at July 13rd of 2011Update v1.2 -a new free table, Spaceman at August 5th of 2011Update v1.3 – another free table, Caveman at August 20th of 2011Update v1.4 – bug fixes at September 8th of 2011Update v1.5 – new free table again, Wizard at October 8th of 2011Update v1.6 – bug fixes at October 13rd of 2011Update v1.7 – newer free table, Zombie Invasion at October 27th of 2011Update v1.8 – another free table, Cleopatra at November 4th of 2011Update v1.9 – the first free table of 90's, Casino at December 2nd of 2011Update v2.0 – another free table BATTLE TANK pinball at January 10th of 2012 Update v2.1 – another free table Boxing Club pinball at January 28th of 2012Update v2.2 – another free table City Golf pinball at February 9th of 2012★CONTROLS★Launch a ball – tap the screen anywhereActivate left and right flipper – tap left and right side of the screenChange camera view – tap the camera icon at left upper corner of the screenPush the table – shake your device up, left and right★HINTS★- SHAKE YOUR DEVICE IF YOUR BALL IS LOST- IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE DRAIN BLOCKER FOR PINBALLS OF 90'S★SUPPORTED DEVICES★iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod (3rd and 4th generation)Please like us on Facebook at for information and news about our upcoming titles and updates!If we will have enough likers we give you a suprise!

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Age of Pinballs removes false claim from Apple petition after collecting signatures

What's scary about actions like these is that when the time comes for people to hold Apple accountable for a real issue, we'd probably shrug it off as another demolition job against Apple.

Instead of really caring about the poor factory workers, these organizations are simply targeting one company. 
As we can see from the article below, despite the fact that something had apparently been done to address the situation way before the petition was started, they still continued to attack Apple.

As per the article, for your reading pleasure…

A petition drive run by, seeking to collect signatures prior to Apple's shareholder meeting today, has removed a primary claim it alleged against the company, substituting other deceptive wording after collecting tens of thousands of names with its original, very misleading allegations.