∞ iPhone turns 5: Here are the naysayers

∞ iPhone turns 5: Here are the naysayers

Everyone is writing about the iPhone’s birthday today and how much it changed the industry. That’s all true, but I thought I’d take a different approach and look at some of the iPhone naysayers so we could make fun of them together. This list was actually compiled in 2008 by [MacDailyNews][1], but here are a few of my favorites. […]

Apple iTunes store to open in Philippines, Singapore

Apple iTunes store to open in Philippines, Singapore
Apple appears ready to open the virtual doors to its iTunes store in the Philippines and Singapore, putting an end to over three months of rumors sparked by a "Parental Control" setting in iTunes 10.6.

AppleInsider readers noted on Tuesday that they were able to access the Apple iTunes store in both the Philippines and Singapore after it was suggested in a March report that the service was on the verge of being launched in a number of Asian countries.

While purchases cannot yet be made, users can browse music, movies and books in the two countries' storefronts. The Philippines iTunes store features a dedicated section for "Original Pinoy Music" while the Singapore landing page offers popular songs from China, Thailand and America.

When the stores go live, they will join the 12 locations added in December and will continue Apple's worldwide expansion of the digital media distribution service. It was reported in September 2011 that all major EU states had joined the iTunes fold after eight years of waiting, though licensing disputes and marketplace fragmentation have hindered efforts to open a pan-European store.

Apple Philippines iTunes store features locally-made music. | Source: Apple

Apple's official iTunes Support Page does not yet advertise the availability of for-purchase media in either the Philippines or Singapore.