iPhone X FaceID Tech Might Make It To Autonomous Driving

It is not unusual for Apple technology to make a leap from one product to the next. But in view of the speed and sheer amount of points detected by the iPhone X’s FaceID tech, I would not be surprised to see this tech used in Apple’s autonomous car driving technology.

Being able to detect and identify objects (even in the dark) is definitely a huge plus for any self driving car.


August 17, 2017, 7:12PM Makati

At V. A. Ruffino beside Mile Long Center in Amrosolo St. in Makati, we saw this taxi (plate no. AAO 4786) pick up two passengers. Even before the passenger at the back could close the door, the taxi started moving (PUV’s often practice this rude and dangerous habit). Even before the cab could go one block. We see the passengers go down and wait the the sidewalk again, presumably to get another ride. 

We honked our horn because the traffic light was green and the taxi was blocking the way. But before he could cross the intersection, the traffic light turned red and the cab had to stop. Our honking seems to have caught the attention of the traffic aide at the corner and he confronted the cab. after some discussions, and when the light turned green, the taxi started moving away from the traffic aide who was obviously peeved because he tried to stop him by lightnly knocking on the cab.

LTFRB, this is what the riding public experiences at the hands of thousands of cabs EVERYDAY. We appreciate your zeal in getting UBER to follow the laws. But please understand the backlash you receive is due to the fact that UBER and GRAB drivers don’t treat us this way on a regular basis. We do not understand why you seek to punish UBER while letting cab drivers like these continue to terrorize and lord it over us and the apprehending authorities.

If you truly wish to protect the interest of the riding public. Please do something to correct an even BIGGER injustice that we the riding public experience at the hands of awful taxi drivers on a daily basis. We ask you to be even MORE aggressive in curtailing these practices, more so than what you do with UBER. 

I guarantee you, that if you do, no one will vilify you in your crusade against UBER.

Int’l Math Olympiad Gold Medalist – Farrell Wu

MGC New Life would like to congratulate Farrell Wu for getting the gold medal in the recently concluded International Math Olympiad (IMO). This was the Philippines’ first gold medal in 30 years. To Godbe the Glory.

The following link is Farrell’s response when he won, back in 2012 during the MMC National Finals Individual Category.


Jaypee defends ex-girlfriend Janine Tugonon

MANILA – Jaypee Santos, the former boyfriend of 2012 Miss Universe first runner-up Janine Tugonon, appealed to the public not to take sides following their breakup.

Tugonon, who appeared on “KrisTV” with Santos on Tuesday, admitted they have called it quits and the reason for the breakup is reportedly the beauty queen’s attraction to The Script’s lead vocalist Danny O’Donoghue.

In his Twitter account on Wednesday, Santos wrote: “Please pray for us… stop na taking sides.. i just want this to be okay. thanks po sa inyong lahat :'(“

Santos is referring to the social media reaction to their breakup, with some netizens putting the blame on Togonon.

Facebook user Sarah Oballes said: “Just because she almost became the Ms. Universe it makes her loved one less of a person and not good enough for her??? Ganun!!!”

Nathan Coning Mazon said: “Dapat model sya ng community lalo n sa kabataan tapos ganyan pinapakita nya. simpleng tao ung sinaktan nya. oh well ok lng yan bro mrami nman jan hehehe.”

But on Wednesday, Santos defended his ex-girlfriend, saying Tugonon is “a very wonderful person, worth the love and the wait.”

“We both decided to let each other go so that she can spread her wings on her own. Marami magagandang bagay ang naghihintay sa kanya,” he told ABS-CBN News in a text message.

Santos also believes everything happened for a reason.

“’Di naman kami papabayaan ni Lord. Malay natin bandang huli kami pa rin. But there’s one thing I’m sure of. She’s still my God’s grace and favor,” he said.

Replying to his Twitter followers, Santos said he is still hoping they can work out their problems.

“Still hoping na maayos. I still believe it will. Trust lang kay Lord,” he said. “Dont worry. it’s not over yet.. every story has a happy ending. kapit lang.”

He also cleared O’Donoghue’s name, who is reportedly in constant communication with Tugonon. Santos even jokingly told one of his followers that he’ll just put up a band named “The Lyrics.”

“Nothing’s going on between janine n danny. we’re just having a rough time. the reason is not because of other guy. wag po natin husgahan agad. She just needs time.. Time for herself not for another guy,” he said.

Tugonon and Santos were a couple for over a year.